ZOR is a new retail honey brand. I’ve put together the brand positioning, the creative concept, designed the logo, and proposed the art direction for the key visuals.

Imagery: wild flowers, images taken directly from nature.

“ZORI” in Romanian means “DAWN”, the beginning of the day, the moment the air is freshest and the bees start their journey to the flower fields.

“ZOR” also means “RUSH”, the never-ending rush of the bees, the continuous movement both outside and inside the hive.

The dawn is the essence of the day that is yet to begin. Likewise, honey is the essence of the work that the bees are doing it over the day.

ZOR Honey – Logo

The logo, the same as the honey, is very clean and simple. Is the essence of the hexagonal shape of the hive, into the letter Z.

The design is unusual for a honey brand, that is why it would stand out from the rest of the brands in the store.

Packaging Design for the honey jars – made to stand out

The brand promise is an additive free, preservative free, pure product, directly from nature.

The product packaging should reflect this. It will communicate two basic elements: the purity of the honey and the fact that honey is produced directly in the wild.

The label design for the honey will have a natural background – wild flowers – overlapped by the logo. There will be a series of labels, with the same layout but different imagery. This will look very good in the stores and will communicate the fact that each jar does not contain an industrial product, but a carefully manufactured, unique product.

Key visuals - Print Ads
Key visuals – Print Ads

The key visuals have a primary message: High Quality Honey, produced and shipped directly from nature.

The secondary message: Pure honey, with no additives, preservatives or added sugar.

Key visuals - Print Ads
Key Visuals