Kwak and Moo is a new brand that provides nursery furniture, baby and children toys, as well as educational toys. I’ve developed the brand visual identity and the ecommerce website design for this new brand. The design highlights Kwak and Moo main philosophy: providing kids the proper toys for a balanced development.

In this computer age there is a growing feeling that young children have too great a dependency on digital and electronic toys. These toys are marketed as “educational” and “developmental,” promising to help children learn important skills and reach developmental milestones, when actually, research is telling us that these toys do just the opposite. They often impede learning and prevent positive language interactions between children and parents, limiting the learning of new skills and leading to a learning poverty. Increasingly the children coming into school for the first time are given a pencil but are unable to hold it as they lack the fundamental movement skills.

Kwak and Moo Logo
Kwak and Moo Logo

Now, through the new brand, Kwak and Moo, we’re able to provide many of the ingredients for an enriched, well-balanced childhood with infinite open-ended, imaginative play and learning opportunities.

Brand Activation

The brand owners decided to produce a series of 24 custom designed cards that would be printed and offered to their customers. This was a good opportunity to make the brand known to people. People would post them to social media, increasing the brand awareness and engagement. The cards were designed in line with the initial brand image and personality.

Kwak and Moo Milestone Cards
Kwak and Moo Milestone Cards were produced as a means to make the brand known to customers.


The website design stays close to the brand personality: the parent makes the right decision with a help of a simple and functional user experience.