MILKLANE is a dairy cooperative based in India, that services B2B market. It has a large network that connects micro-farmers with Western industrial dairy processes, ensuring modern standards.

Using the existing network of suppliers, MILKLANE saw the opportunity of going directly into the consumer market, to pave the way to a better revenue in the future. They wanted a local face to the consumer brand.

So we created the brand AVI THE FARMER!

Avi the Farmer: brand name and character

AVI THE FARMER is a brand of high quality, fresh milk and dairy products. The milk is collected
from the local farmers, using the MILKLANE infrastructure, and complying to the Western quality standards.

The Tagline

“The Farm of Fresh”: “FARM” represents both the local farmers and Milklane, the “high touch” and the “high tech”.
“FRESH” stands for the purity and freshness of our product and the “fresh idea” of integrating local passion with industrial expertise.

The Dairy Brand Book

My job was to put together a brand book that will describe the whole concept for the new Milklane B2C brand, what are the main elements that create this brand system and the way the brand can be used and developed in the future.