Graphic design for Appnation Conference, the largest conference and exhibit in North America, focused exclusively on the business of apps and the broader consumer app economy. Read the latest car news and check out newest photos, articles, and more from the Car and Driver Blog.

Ear Scrubbers

Packaging design for a medical device used for ear wax removal. Download Free WordPress Themes Themeforest and free plugins Codecanyon –

Vindecatorii (Healers)

Stories of the Healers are stories of children born out of hope, out of courage or maybe out of madness. Form the madness given by the fact that you have nothing more to loose. Here are the stories of the smaller siblings of the children with special needs. The dreamed children of the wounded souls of the parents […]


Logo, brochure and website design for a property management consultancy in London, UK. Ashford Property Consultants Ltd is an independent property consultancy based in London, United Kingdom. They offer a comprehensive range of services to property investors including sourcing, acquiring, developing, refurbishing, managing and selling commercial and residential properties.

Luxury Postcard Design

Luxury postcard for a Dutch argan oil manufacturer.


Logo and brochure design for a Romanian clothes manufacturer.

Infographics Design

I design infographics for different clients that wish to put their business related data in an attractive format. Here are a few examples.


Logo and website design for a website that offers the visitors the chance to know their ancestors. It searches through several databases and finds your past relatives, who they were and how they lived throughout the world.

EvaJ Luxury Cosmetics

Eva.J Natural Luxury Cosmetics is a range of very high quality cosmetic products produced in Switzerland, using only natural extracts. The products goal is to prevent aging and to re-activate the natural skin repair processes in the most harmonious and subtle way. Eva.J skin care was created to bring joy, pleasure and confidence for every […]


Logo for a construction company.


Logo for a software company. is a Romanian online shop that sells clothes, footwear and accessories.

Branding, stationery design and website design for, an online store that sells badminton related merchandise. The store is developed on Magento platform.

Lou G. Siegel

Logo and website design for a famous restaurant in Brooklin, NY.


Logo for a real estate development in Australia: 9terraces.

Magento shop design for a German luxury writing gear.

WahtchShop is a Romanian online shop that sells mostly watches, smart watches and jewellery.

evoMAG is one of the largest online stores in Romania. The company was established in 2005, and now the website has around 50.000 visits per day.

David Kirk Brochure

David Edward Kirk is a former New Zealand rugby union player. He is best known for having been the captain of the All Blacks when they won the inaugural Rugby World Cup in 1987. He is now Executive Chairman of The Hoyts Group. This is a Thank You brochure, following a conference held together with […]

Toyz is a Romanian online shop that sells toys.

Zonia – Online Shop Banner Design

Banner design for


Graphic design for Buchetiera – high end flower design studio

Soft Tehnica

10 years of activity

Forgan Golf

Website design for Forgan Golf, a brand producing golf equipment.